Texas Cigar Merchants Association



TxCMA understands that advocacy involves a multifaceted approach. Through a combination of watchdog and lobbying techniques, we hope to educate both our association members and legislative decision makers regarding State of Texas administrative and legislative changes. We believe it would be negatively impactful in providing consenting adults an opportunity to choose a premium tobacco product. Negatively impactful changes could include increased taxes, increased smoking prohibitions, or a legislative reduction of the premium tobacco market.


TxCMA has produced the beginnings of an association library focused on Austin politics. Beginning in the fall of 2016, TxCMA began producing and publishing member created, peer reviewed, educational content which has been made available to members. Our current educational endeavor is focused on the production of an association dossier regarding legislators in Austin Texas.


TxCMA offers any member the opportunity to grow their skills in leadership and management. Opportunities exist in committee participation, potential appointments as an officer or in accepting an election to the board of directors. Each of these opportunities allows a member to participate in project planning and execution, financial reporting and understanding, network and resource building, and the opportunity for their shop to play a bigger role in their future success.

Who We Are

Our goal is to leverage resources and coordinate actions concerning proposed smoking bans, increased taxes, and increased regulations. We present a united front to those who would unnecessarily restrict freedoms by collecting and disseminating information among our members and when necessary issue a call to action. TxCMA works with a consultant who provides guidance and input into creating and maintaining the association’s political relationships in Austin.



People buy insurance on their home because it’s too expensive to rebuild. TxCMA is the 1st line of defense for your retail store to prevent negative legislation from becoming new law. TxCMA is the insurance policy for your retail store and we know you’re worth it.
Brett Findley
In politics, it pays to have friends who will not only listen, but take action on your behalf. The TxCMA’s Political Action Committee is your microphone and the hammer every association must have to be effective in politics.
The anti-smoking groups in Texas are stuffing their campaign war chests with donations to limit your right to smoke and conduct business. What are you doing to stop this?

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