After the turn of the century, as more and more municipalities began passing smoking ordinances, Texas cigar retailers began to foresee pressure for passage of a state wide smoking ban. This resulted in a group of Texas retailers pulling together during RTDA's (now IPCPR's) 2007 trade show who ultimately decided to create the Texas Cigar Merchants Association. By September of 2007, our association formally adopted our bylaws and registered with the State of Texas and United States of American.


By 2010, TxCMA began our relationship with a lobbying consultant, who, along with the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association (IPCPR), continue to work with us year round on our joint advocacy goals. Beginning that same summer we were hosting what would become known as our Cigar Caucus, which we host multiple times each year. Additionally, we've successfully launched a PAC through which we've made impactful contributions over the years. And in 2015, TxCMA launched an initiative to roll back the OTP tax increase of 2009.


In 2010, the TxCMA hired a consultant to help us educate the members of the legislature and their staff on the truths of the premium tobacco industry. Since then, our industry has enjoyed many successes and made new friends inside the capitol rotunda. Unfortunately, these come with a cost of paying for consultants, making strategic campaign contributions and hosting educational events for legislative staff. Without proceeds to carryout the TxCMA’s mission, the retailer will have zero representation in Austin to prevent the catastrophe from 2009 from occurring again...
Brett Findley
Anti-Smoking groups are zeroing-in on Texas cities in an effort to implement new smoking laws. Have you enlisted the TxCMA to fight for your interests?
Brett Finley